Vanuatu’s Exclusive Sport Brand

By Adorina Massing

Launched on December 2018, DryLeg is a proud initiative supported under the Vanuatu Sports Supply – the largest and most reliable quality sports supplier in the country.

The preferential sport brand is owned by 39-year-old entrepreneur Lopez Adams.

The idea behind its inaugural establishment is to be more inclusive with quality sports gear at affordable prices.

Located at George Pompidou, all products are locally designed and manufactured overseas.

Sport shoes are the foremost leading products sold in the venture, along with sets of soccer balls, volley balls, sunglasses and insulated water bottles.

The name DryLeg is Bislama for “barefoot” which was forged after a 10-leg relay run organised by Wilco Hardware when a team supported under Lopez completed the whole race barefoot.

“The idea was already there, but it was a bit sophisticated in choosing a name for the sport brand.

“When we came up with the name, it kinda just stuck.

“Nonetheless the term dryleg was commonly used in Vanuatu where many barefooted locals can be seen walking around.”

The challenging factor however was in acquiring the initial fund to establish the whole sport brand.

For a small business, it needed a large investment since it is a selffunded process.

“Things just don’t happen in a day, everything takes time.”

It requires a long process to secure a space to set up the business and in maintaining the production and distribution of DryLeg sport gears for its needy customers.

Nevertheless, the welfares and benefi ts are shown through the support of interested football teams buying DryLeg shoes for their tournaments. As well as from other customers with comparable sport interests.

“We are happy with our products, we also received good reviews and feedbacks from customers.”

People are encouraged to support local businesses in Vanuatu.

These small local businesses have greatly assisted in boosting development growth by.



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