V-Lab builds an innovative partnership

Salem nomo is an innovative platform that found its way onto the market through the big ideas of Xavier Dolacinski and the forward thinking of James Rory. A partnership that was fostered greatly by V-LAB.

Salem nomo is a free to use platform that is hosted by Skazy. An IT company that is specialized in software developments as well as web marketing. Xavier is the Manager of the company Skazy Vanuatu (skazy.vu) and James is the Marketing and communication manager of Salem nomo. Taking the lead on all things Salem nomo.
Xavier Dolacinski pursued his early education in Vanuatu. Studying at L’ecole Colardo for all of his high school life, after this he had departed to France and pursued his studies there. After becoming an IT engineer he returned to Vanuatu and set up his business, then strategically departed to New Caledonia to manage another company for 10 years. Then he returned to Vanuatu and setting up his businesses GEOCAL Vanuatu and Skazy Vanuatu in 2016.
James Rory who manages the Salem nomo app had finished his studies in grade 13 at Matevulu College. Upon completing his high school studies he took several IT courses at the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce based mainly on business and Marketing. This was where he had come up with his app idea to create a platform for local musicians and help them. This is the idea that led him to V-LAB, he entered a program that V-LAB had offered for entrepreneurs aspirations to build this app. He had enrolled and his project proposal was accepted.
During his incubee period his coach had connected him with Xavier and that is how the partnership began. The partners share a similar vision in creating platforms adapted specifically to Vanuatu.
The App was originally developed by a young IT in New Caledonia and was bought by Xavier when it was still in the developing stage, looking at the app Xavier saw potential to help people and businesses in Vanuatu so he took the lead and adapted the app specifically to Vanuatu. This took him 6 months and a year.
When the app was ready Xavier was on the search for someone he felt was brilliant, innovative, trustworthy and intelligent to manage the platform as he had another company to manage. This was when he had found James Rory a former participant in the V-LAB entrepreneurship program who was now working under V-LAB.
Upon meeting James Rory, Xavier felt this was the perfect fit. Exactly the person with the characters he was looking for to manage the Salem nomo platform.
Adapting the app idea had dawned on Xavier as he observed how many locals sell second hand goods or items they produce on Facebook. How frustrating it feels to come back to Facebook 2 days later trying to find the post that advertised this product for sale and no longer being able to find it. It was disorganized and complicated but creating an app for it would make it so much easier to buy and sell for everyone.
The biggest difficulty the Salem nomo duo reports is that people are so used to using Facebook to freely advertise their goods that introducing them to Salem nomo would take time as changing habits take time. It is a good and useful platform, people just need to grow out of old habits when given a better option.
The app has many distinctive features. It has language options of English, Bislama and French. Salem nomo also allows users to freely boost their advertisements so it can be easily found on the app. Another key feature is when searching for products that are still not being sold, the app will notify you when that item is available.
There will be new functionalities added where the platform can take feedback from users as it is the platforms goal to perfectly accommodate the people of Vanuatu and their buying and selling needs. Currently Salem nomo is working on upgrading .Soon it will have a professional part on the app that will allow companies to use the app to advertise their services and products. The second big upgrade will free data for Vodafone sim card users when using Salem nomo.
The app is working with local producers and Mamas with things to sell in helping them advertise their goods. Local businesses can use the platform to freely advertise and freely boost their ads.
V-LAB has helped James and the partnership established between Xavier and himself for the Salem nomo platform. He says that the program provided him with so much resources that allowed him to develop networks and marketing skills by working with other people.
The resources that ultimately led him to Salem nomo.
James is still working on his own app on the side as Xavier gives him time to focus on his own platform as well as supports his idea while helping him learn the ropes of IT innovation. The partners share wise words of advice to people with big ideas, aspiring and current entrepreneurs.
Xavier thinks the key trait an entrepreneur should have is hard work, you have to work hard and trust in yourself. He says do not be afraid and go for it, when you have a good idea you just go for it. If you second guess yourself all the time you will never do anything. Do not be afraid to get close to associations like V-LAB because they can help you bring your ideas to life.
James thinks the key trait is to set goals. Everyday set 3 goals so that every day you can do 3 little things towards your bigger goal. He advises to not listen to other people, people may mock your idea but if you listen to other people it will hold you back. Believe in yourself and find people that will be allies and supportive to your ideas


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