Vanuatu Banking Sector Recovers 5/31/2023

According to the annual results published by Vanuatu’s banks, excluding the National Bank, the overallperformance of the banking sector in 2022 showed […]

Vanuatu-based PCS company debarred from World Bank for fraudulent practices 4/18/2023

Vanuatu-based Power and Communications Solution (PCS) company currently located opposite the University of the South Pacific’s (USP) Emalus campus, has been debarred for a period of 15 months from World Bank as of March 29 2023, for fraudulent practices. The World Bank reported that PSC have been committing fraud by submitting re-imbursement applications for non- subsidised items whilst claiming subsidies.

South Africa’s wanted fugitives now Vanuatu citizens. 4/13/2023

By Hilaire Bule. Vanuatu’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) had advised Vanuatu’s Citizenship Office of the hostile information against corruption-accused fugitive Gupta brothers – […]


The owners of VRent A Car, who are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, have filed complaints with the police against their Sales Manager in Port Vila, Kang Biao Li. This was confirmed to the Vanuatu Daily Post by their lawyer from the law firm, Timakata & Associates, yesterday.

The Vanuatu Minimum Wage Increase 5/31/2023

On May 9 the Vanuatu Government announced that the minimum wage for workers would be 300 vatu per hour effective from the 1st June. This increase was a 36% increase from the previous rate of 220 vatu.

The background to the minimum wage increase.

Over the past few years, there has been extensive public discourse regarding the minimum wage. The previous rate, set at 220 vatu since 2019, saw an increase from 200 to 220 per hour. Prior to that, in 2017, the rate had risen from 170 vatu. Due to the economic conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, any discussions regarding minimum wage increases were postponed. However, with the conclusion of the pandemic and the reopening of the country’s borders, the topic of minimum wage hikes was once again under consideration.

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Bus Fare

The Public Transport Debate 11/15/2022

Is an increase in the bus fare from 150 vatu to 200 vatu needed? There has been considerable discussion for the last […]

Hello Vanuatu

Hello Vanuatu 5/30/2022

Hello Vanuatu is a 21st century Technology Company. It offers high end solutions for remoteplaces, inspired by local knowledge and industry leading […]


Digicel executives flee PNG to avoid jail 4/30/2022

Digicel executives have fled Papua New Guinea to avoid potential jail time for failing to pay a one-off $130 million tax imposed […]

V-Lab closes ‘YumiGrowem Vanuatu-2 witha business showcase 5/31/2023

Written by: Emma Hivo – Communications Specialist. The Yumi Growem Vanuatu (YGV) Cohort 2 program has recently concluded, marking a significantmilestone in […]

Team PVIS – Hackathon Champions 4/15/2023

Written By: Glenda Willie Team Port Vila International School (PVIS), the youngest team which participated in the event was declared the Hackathon […]

Breaking Barriers: V-Lab HostsVanuatu’s First Ever Hackathon toPromote Gender Equality Technology 4/15/2023

Written By: Emma Hivo – Communications Specialist at V-Lab The V-Lab hackathon event that was recently held in Vanuatu was a momentous […]

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