New Incubees for V-LAB

What is your Name?

  • My Name is Dalida Borlasa.

Where Are You from?

I am From Malekula island.

.What is your Business Idea?

The Idea of the Business is to do Recycling of all sorts of Plastics.

What inspires the idea?

  • My Business Idea is to help protect and Save the Environment from Plastic Pollution.
  • Create Job Opportunities for Communities
  • To earn income in order to sustain my family and other vulnerable groups.

What are your hopes for this Business?

  • To grow and expand business to other islands in Vanuatu.
  • To reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment.
  • To provide job opportunities / income

What do you hope to learn in the V-LAB incubation Program as an incubee?
I hope to learn how to:

  • Manage a business
  • Be resilient
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing etc.

What is your advice to other entrepreneurs with big ideas?

  • My advice to them is to stay focus, Aim High and work hard towards their goals/dreams.