New Incubees for V-LAB

V-Lab has launched its 2nd incubation program and has taken on four new incubees into its longest running program.
Over the course of 10 Months V-LAB will help the incubees, all with different ideas, to expand their business ideas. Providing coaching, training and networking to allow the incubees access to resources that will allow them to grow their business ideas V-LAB is proud to present 2 of its newest intakes.

What are your names?
Stephanie and Jester
Island(s) of origin?
Mota-lava / Malekula
What is your business idea?
Our business idea revolves around producing organic root crop packages that is available and
avoidable to everyone.
What inspired this idea?
We were inspired during a trip to New Zealand back in 2017, were we bought few manioc packages from a super market which is a Fiji made product, this arouses a question, why Vanuatu is not capable to involve in this part of the market at the time and still is particularly on root crops.
Then comes covid-19 , when most businesses close down forcing hundreds to thousands of our people jobless, and we have decided to start somewhere at least taking baby steps intending to participate in rebuilding our nations’ economy.

What are your hopes for this
Own a processing factory, To create job opportunities, Supply ready organic products domestically, Export organic products

What do you hope to learn in the V-LAB incubation program as an incubee?
Our expectations after this intensive incubation program is to clearly define our business goals, objectives, manage and to protect our business moving forward. What is your advice to other entrepreneurs with big Idea?
Your Ideas can be big, but the reality starts from baby steps.