GPS Vanuatu Dotcom Keeps Your Vehicle on a Leash

YumiWork Director Marc Gérard and VLAB Director Marc-Antoine Morel
Roy Harry (center), YumiWork Director Marc Gérard and VLAB Director Marc-Antoine Morel

Imagine a society without order, an economy built on uneven scales and a nation founded on loose ends.

As sophisticated as that sounds, this is how the world is described without the dominated influence of technology.

The usage of industrial electronics improves the imbalanced nature of a fully colonised economy. In order words, we depend on the technological advancement of machines to move forward.

This era has witnessed the growth and advancement of industrial knowledge and as the years grew on, it is evident to say these machines have become a part of us, in a way that they have supported, improved and guided us in our assorted daily routines.

Now, within the business industry, every company knows its utmost principal priorities are: its employees and its assets.

As vital as they are, company vehicles are the most crucial valued assets owned by any operating industry because of its considerably high monetary worth and its contributing service.

Then again, the question lies on how to financially maintain and manage this particular asset, especially in the hands of its employees.

Veteran entrepreneur Roy Harry from Malekula has the answers, with his administered business – GPS Vanuatu Dotcom, guarantees the safety of your assets through the use of highly advanced surveillance technology that allows you to keep in track of your vehicles, wherever they may be.

Because of our small geological area of land, vehicle tracking is accessible and way easier to use.

The GPS transmitters, constructed and assembled from the latest consistent technology are shipped in all the way from Europe.

Simply by implanting an electronic GPS tracking device in your vehicle allows you to monitor and keep in track of the vehicle’s driven routes, the number of stops made, its speed limits and how it allows you to pinpoint its current location anywhere and at any time.

It also allows you as the owner, to monitor the behaviours of your drivers and see if they are eligible to operate your vehicles on a daily basis.

The GPS system also works with ships or boats, so clients can monitor and be aware of the voyaging routes made by a vessel from one port to another.

This is very beneficial especially for people living in the islands who have spent a great deal of money just to travel from their remote ends to reach ports and to spend long hours waiting for the cargo ship to arrive.

Thus, this GPS system will greatly help and support communities in the islands by reducing their hours of anticipation and in turn, provides them with the accurate information needed.

Though there are four GPS tracking companies already based in Vanuatu, GPS Vanuatu dotcom is the only company owned by a local businessperson.

In the end, Roy aspires to become the country’s best and cheapest GPS tracker provider in Vanuatu.

GPS tracking on vehicles is proven a success, not only does it keeps you aware of your vehicles’ whereabouts, it can also repatriate and recover a missing or stolen vehicle and in turn, saves millions of vatu from buying a new vehicle.

Hence, Roy’s work provides a more modest and automated system for monitoring and keeping in track with vehicles and vessels in the country.

Roy is also an incubee under the Business Incubator Training: an idea formulated by two distinctive associations with collaborated relations – VLAB (Vanuatu Laboratory) and YumiWork.

V-LAB President, Marc-Antoine Morel has partnered with YumiWork Director Marc Gérard to formulate this idea.

The Business Incubator training is one of the many programs used around the world to train business entrepreneurs in starting and growing their own local businesses.

It greatly benefits the people by lowering the cost of starting a business and facilitate entrepreneurship trainings.

During the course of the incubation trainings, Roy shared his experience as a lucid journey, with simple and justifiable information shared by experts that is easier to comprehend.

“These trainings are convenient and just right for our level of understanding,” he commented

“We learn new business strategies like marketing, management tactics, how to present a product or your business profile, analysis and planning.”

Roy believes, through hard work and determination and the end of his incubation trainings, he would expand his work to target all shipping vessels by working closely with the Vanuatu Monitoring Authority (VMA) to make vessel routes visible to all its clients.

Furthermore, he plans to engage his idea in collaboration with the Public Lands Transport Authority (PLTA) to install GPS tracking on every public transport in Port Vila town.

Vanuatu has low rates of theft auto, but with this innovative GPS system, can guarantee a reduction in criminal activities, especially on Government sectors to prevent vehicle misuses and if possible, on public transports to reduce hit and run accidents and violence against women in public transports.

With this technological advancement, we can proudly say our country, Vanuatu, has definitely progressed well in terms of being well equipped with technical and scientific knowledge from our locals, which has revolutionized our economy to a state that seems more compatible in this modern era.

Roy advises young entrepreneurs who wished to become a part of the blissful and comfort provided by YumiWork and VLAB and the amount of support generated to answer the next business call and be assured, it will not disappoint you but help your business grow in ways never expected.