VBL GM calls for government support on recycling

By Charley Sikal

Vanuatu brewing Ltd (VBL) general manager, Michel Herve’ (front) right

Vanuatu brewing Ltd’s (VBL) General Manager, Michel Herve’, has called for support from the Vanuatu Government and other organizations towards the industry.

He said the process of recycling is expensive and the industry needs their support.

“We have recycled 100 million tusker bottles in the last 30 years, 92% of these bottles were recycled on Efate alone,” he explained.

 Vanuatu brewing Ltd (VBL) general manager, Michel Herve’ (front)

GM Herve’ made the remarks Wednesday this week, at a presentation of a short movie about their Tusker bottle collections and their recycle process over the past 30 years in Vanuatu.

“We also need people to look after these products

“I don’t want people to throw away empty bottles, but recycle them instead,” he stressed.

According to a survey, bottles make up a large proportion of the litter on the streets, beaches and green spaces and tackling the problem costs millions of vatu every year in Vanuatu.

VBL is the only company that collects recycles in Vanuatu since 1989.

They also collect Tusker bottles form Malekula, Tanna and Santo which Support collectors needs.

According to VBL, 500,000 new bottles will be used in 2021 and 350,000 will be used in 2022.

The video was produced by award winning Hollywood filmmaker, Philippe Carillo, with the supports of the department of tourism,VBL and ANZ Bank Vanuatu.