NBV Lorlow Branch Now Online

by Terence Malapa

NBV Lorlow Branch, SWB Malekula goes online

The National Bank of Vanuatu (NBV) has proudly announced another milestone to improve its customer experience and communities servicing in South-west Bay NBV Lorlow Branch which is now online since Monday, 15 March 2021.

Since its establishment, Lorlow NBV Branch on Malekula was known to be an offline branch, meaning that all customer transactions (withdrawal, deposits, new account opening etc…) were manually processed on vouchers and then sent to the NBV Head Office to update customers’ Account.

With the now online upgrade of NBV Lorlow Branch, all transactions including deposits, withdrawals, account openings, IsiMS and IsiMobile sign up can now be done immediately.

NBV says it is looking forward to providing an even better service to the communities it works with.

The National Bank of Vanuatu has thanked the South-West Bay communities for their genuine and valuable support of the bank.

They are look forward to such development of their other NBV offline branches throughout Vanuatu.