Chantilly’s temporarily shuts down

By Kizzy Kalsakau & Anita Roberts

Chantilly’s on the Bay. Photo: Kizzy Kalsakau

Chantilly’s on the Bay Hotel is temporarily closing its door to the public due to financial challenges faced with COVID-19 crisis.

Director of Chantilly’s on the Bay, Loic Bernier, confirmed that the shareholders of the company have taken this decision in their meeting last Monday.

“We have kept some of the staff to do maintenance and room renovation.

“All the kitchen and room staff have been put on leave,” he conveyed.

“Business has not been good enough to continue.

“We are working on some options to reopen and are positive that we will find a solution.

“We will re-employ the staff once we reopen.”

Located on the bay at Fatumauru Bay in Port Vila, Chantilly’s on the Bay is one of the favourite places to have coffee and food with views of the harbor.

It’s neighbouring Banyan Beach Bar is ideal for cocktail, snack or nightcap.

Chantilly’s on the Bay was not used as one of the facilities to accommodate repatriates under the government’s repatriation process.

Director of Chantilly’s on the Bay Bernier said it’s not easy to remain in operation with the current situation however, has assured that the hotel and Banyan Beach Bar will be up running again.

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