Vanuatu Brewing Limited for the Environment

By Josepheen Tarianga

Vanuatu Brewing Limited (VBL) is increasingly committed to its recyclability policy as well as its help to the local population.

VBL has graciously lent one of its vacant premises to 300 Coconut Bags, the young company incubated by V-LAB.

They make attractive bags from reused plastics and pandanus leaves.

They are reusable, lasting a year and are reversible.

The production of these bags are not only environment friendly but are inclusive and engage the community.

“Electricity and insurance are paid for by 300 coconut bags and VBL is providing this empty room for the moment,” VBL General Manager, Hervé Michel said.

“Our mission is also to help local businesses that are committed to preserving the environment.

“We are delighted to be able to help the take-off of this company managed by two dynamic locals who have succeeded in uniting around their project many other companies and associations such as Recycle Corp or Mama’s Laef.”

VBL has also provided help to another company that shares its environment preserving philosophy.