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V-Lab commended for training and assistance

By Charles Hakwa

As V-Lab launched their business incubation program for returned seasonal workers, a current incubi who was a seasonal worker at one stage, Roy Louis John says V-Lab gives the best training and assistance to anyone starting a business.

John says they are very professional and very promising in helping anyone reach their innovative ideas, through professional accountants and from business people themselves.

He says the incubation program run by V- Lab is something Vanuatu is fortunate to have. The former seasonal worker says a lot of returnees have wanted to start businesses for themselves, however the main barrier to this is having financial capital to start. He says though a lot of returnees have land and have started some small-scale farming projects, other thing which they lack is knowledge in book keeping, financial management and marketing.

John says if all returnees become entrepreneurs, they will give a major boost to the national economy. He says everyone will have money and be rich. He says if these returnees start businesses, they would then create employment while also contributing more to the national income in the form of taxes and business licenses. Using Port Vila as an example, he says if more businesses are set up, they would branch out from the CBD to the other suburbs and even the nearby areas such as Etas and Teouma which John believes could eventually become new towns.

John says V-Lab along with other stakeholders, should establish business incubators in Luganville, Lakatoro and Lenakel so that businesses grow and there is more contribution to the economy.

John currently runs an architectural business which also touches on plumbing and electrical wiring. The former seasonal worker now turned recruiting agent, says this time he has ventured into designing and building eco-friendly homes which he markets especially to the returned seasonal workers.

John says most of the time workers coming home want to build houses with indoor access to both electricity and water. Since most of the workers come from rural areas, John says most people want a home which is furnished so he has designed homes through the isodo eco-friendly construction methods. He specifically designs these homes to be powered by solar energy and other renewable power sources.