Alumni Interaction Soars at V-Lab’sFirst Social Event of the Year

V-Lab, an innovative organization, kicked off its inaugural Wednesday Social Networking event for 2024 on February 28th.

The main objective behind organizing this event was to engage entrepreneurs by providing insights into key aspects and departments that could be beneficial for their ventures.

Dale Able, the Program Coordinator at V-Lab, expressed the significance of this event, marking it as the first edition of the year’s Wednesday Connect Social event.

During this occasion, notable guest speakers were invited to share their experiences and shed light on the roles within their respective organizations.

The focus was on how both male and female entrepreneurs could draw upon these experiences for their own benefit.

Able highlighted the privilege of having Mr. Peter Kwari, the Principal Agriculture Officer, present at the event.

Kwari played a pivotal role in showcasing the functions of the Vanuatu Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.

He discussed the department’s efforts in supporting alumni in their roles and elaborated on various projects aimed at helping the community.

Kwari went beyond the surface, delving into specific projects within the department that often only yield visible results without a clear understanding of the underlying processes.

According to Mr. Able, the primary goal was to open up the minds of attendees, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the work being done and demonstrating how they could derive long-term benefits.

The event successfully reached out to a significant number of alumni, with approximately 10 of them actively participating and engaging with each other.

Mr. Able emphasized that the ultimate objective is to cultivate business professionals by connecting them with the right resources and contacts.

This initiative aligns with V-Lab’s vision to foster development within the entrepreneurial community, aiming to achieve this goal at the end of every second month through such impactful networking events.