Tana Russet Plaza Organizes Christmas Sales for Children

By Adorina Massing

This Christmas season, the Tana Russet Plaza has organised a mini-market featuring various shops located at the Mall to sell and showcase their products.

Around 6 stalls were set up along with a Christmas photo-booth area for children to take photos and mingle in many fun activities such as chocolate tasting from Vanuatu’s Gaston Chocolat, face painting and gift shopping.

The idea was implemented by the owner of Tana Russet Plaza, Christiane Brunet along with other management teams from different shop owners and the owner of Bio-influence and Etam.

Attendant and Representative, Vivian Ras said the whole intention was to create a fun space for children to enjoy during the holiday season.

“Seeing how they cannot travel out because of closed borders, they can instead come over and enjoy the amazing Christmas displays and little fun activities we have in store for them.