Path: Air Van report will expose truth

By Godwin Ligo

The Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the Airbus purchase, John Path, has said the report that will be due in March 18, 2021, will expose the truth and shed light on everything that the government and the people of Vanuatu need to know.

He said this would include information on whether there was bribery and corruption in the alleged purchase of Airbus aircrafts by Air Vanuatu’s former management and board.

“So far our investigation is proceeding well and the Commission is happy with the cooperation we are getting through interviews conducted,” he told Daily Post. He said witnesses are cooperating as expected by the Commission.

“If every witness we interview cooperates in the same way, we expect to have the report ready, as planned, and requested by the government on March 18,” he said.

On the question of some past COI reports not acted on after completed by past Commissions of Inquiry, Mr. Path said: “We do not want lip service, we want to see those responsible, if any, prosecuted for making wrong decisions that cost the country and the people dearly.”

On the day the Commission members were appointed, Mr. Path told the local media that once the report is completed, it must be tabled in parliament for debate.

He said the whole purpose of appointing commissions, is to investigate alleged corrupt practices and to bring those responsible to justice.