Infrastructure Minister signs MOA with Hello Vanuatu

Hello Vanuatu’s CEO Celine B. Mates signing the MOA with Minister Ngwele witnessed by Lopez Adams, Hello Vanuatu’s Chief of Business Innovation. Photos: Supplied

Minister for Infrastructure, Jay Ngwele, has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Hello Vanuatu.

Under the arrangement, Hello Vanuatu will work alongside the Ministry to establish an advanced IT infrastructure to improve logistics, tracking, development and to work towards a 21st century e-commerce solution designed by a local company, considering local geographical challenges.

This MoA is the commitment of the Government of Vanuatu with the Private Sector.

“As the country pushes on improving the productive industry we see the challenges in land, sea, air transportations while considering the rapidly and constantly changing environmental and weather conditions,” a statement released yesterday after the signing relayed. “The Government wants to address the gaps to ensure full participation and engagement with our farmers, our businesses, and our nation.”

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Hello Vanuatu, Mrs Celine B. Mates, spoke with the Minister to explain Hello Vanuatu’s No Leak Data policy, ensuring Vanuatu owns its own data and is not to be sold or leaked to third parties or to be managed out of the country.

“Hello Vanuatu systems are created by the team with local knowledge, born out of local needs to ensure protection of privacy and security of data. Keeping and analyzing information here helps to develop our country the way we understand it better,” Mrs Mates said.

Minister Ngwele reinforced these statements.

“The data from this system will support decision making and infrastructure development, addressing constraints and waiting time at wharfs, passenger and cargoes by providing a system that is trustworthy, real-time and transparent, to support all sectors and industries throughout all islands,” he said.

“It is a pleasure to have the opportunity as the Minister responsible for Infrastructure and Maritime to sign a Memorandum of Agreement with Hello Vanuatu. This team has put in a tremendous amount of work thus far, creating innovative solutions to make all our lives easier. I want to thank the Hello Vanuatu Team for their efforts. This MoA is the start but also it’s the beginning of something big!”