Finance Minister endorses first social media platform

Hello Vanuatu, a high end tech company, has released a home grown product that targets supporting every Ni-Vanuatu.

Hello Social is a social media platform that will also include a business management system, all operating as an All-In-One system. Hello Vanuatu CEO Celine Bareus opened the launch stating, “Vanuatu is 20 years behind in technology and Hello Vanuatu bring us technology 10 years into the future. My team of four have developed this system over the last six months to balance the playing field and assist Ni-Vanuatu to access the best technology services available”.

Minister for Finance, Johnny Koanapo launched the social media app at the Coffee Tree on Thursday, saying “this is what the Vanuatu Government wants to see: locally grown solutions from Ni-Vanuatu owned companies. The government is fully supportive of Hello Vanuatu and their business ethos of providing this technology free to our people, with data privacy at the heart of the network”.

The system boasts the latest cutting edge technology so Vanuatu can leap frog the technology gap. It is a world first blockchain technology with the capacity to go offline. Minister of Finance stated “this system is designed by Ni-Vanuatu for Ni-Vanuatu and address the limitation of internet, Vanuatu’s vulnerability to natural disasters, in-affordability of software. It takes into account the needs of our people in the islands”.

Unlike other platforms the Hello Vanuatu runs without the support of systems from tech giants. The importance of this is to ensure there is a no data leak. Your data is your data and will not be sold to a third party. Minister Koanapo said, “the Government is excited about the protection of personal data of Vanuatu citizen and having a system that is own by yumi everiwan. Let us protect Vanuatu’s core values of culture and respect.”

Hello Social focuses on protecting culture and reducing addictions. The system is user friendly in and is trained to understand Bislama. It gives users the ability to post, share, chat, and organise your day. Chief of Business and Innovation, Lopez Adams says, “Hemi eye blo hem yet. The new features being designed will enhance the business people to understand their business better and take away some of the more onerous tasks”.

Minister Koanapo closed the rollout by being the first user of Hello Social and making the first post. “I am excited by the possibilities of this system and committed to working with the team at Hello with the roll out of the business management system. I encourage people to register and use Hello Vanuatu platform and we all look forward to seeing the innovation coming from Hello Vanuatu,” he said.