Foreign Investment in Vanuatu Artwork

Foreign Investment in Vanuatu and the new ‘VIPA’ Act

On 15 January 2020 the new Foreign Investment Act no. 25 of 2019 was gazetted, repealing the Vanuatu Promotion Investment Act Cap [248].

The Act is to establish the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (replacing the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority – VIPA) which is composed by the Board, the Chief Executive Officer and other staff, to implement the functions and activities provided by the Act.

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Economic review post Cyclone Pam

The category 5 Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu in March 2015. This was the biggest cyclone since Uma to have such a destructive effect on the nation.

Over the years since the disaster, we can see the people have recovered and continued with their lives. That is on a personal basis and results to vary between individuals.

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Tax Plan Report Card

Tax Plan

We took the red pen to the government's tax proposal

The Consultation Paper for the Government’s proposed tax plan fails in many ways.

We showed it to multiple experts with significant experience in—and understanding of—Pacific island economies. We also canvassed local business owners and other stakeholders. Without exception, the plan was rejected. People characterised it as flawed, rushed and—more to the point— downright dangerous to the national economy.

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Goldfish 1

The same old CR?P

Nik Soni asks if we’re about to repeat the sins of the past

Two decades ago Vanuatu was in crisis. The Government, the National Provident Fund and the National Bank had run out of money. Around the region there was similar financial turmoil, and in their desperation many countries turned to the international community for help. The solution was to borrow more, introduce new taxes, spend less and sell the nation’s assets.

In a word: ‘austerity’.

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3 pillar cover artwork

This house has three Pillars

Vanuatu’s new strategic plan presents an inclusive vision for development. But is it too inclusive?

In October of 2013, a high-level gathering occurred that now seems set to define the progress of the nation for a generation.

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Lightning & Dark Clouds

The Taxman Cometh

Are Vanuatu‘s days as a tax haven numbered?

Before sunset we sat in a circle to drink kava. My friend Tim passed around some smol kaekae to wash away the taste. Gathered for a fundraiser to help a friend pay her daughter’s school fees, we chatted as group of children played nearby. Who belonged to which parent? Later, a plate of chicken legs and island cabbage followed – for everyone.

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Sea front wall re-construction

A Fairy Tale ending?

Ugly duckling, Goldilocks, Or Alice through the looking glass? How will Vanuatu’s economic story unfold?

Like Cinderella casting off her rags before the ball, Vanuatu is intent on writing itself a new story. Gone is the mindset that told us to sell the cow for a handful of beans. Today, we’re undergoing a transformation— an unprecedented level of infrastructure and development investment. But one lingering question remains: Are we Goldilocks getting things just right, or are we Alice, about to tumble down the rabbit hole?

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Luganvile port 3d render 1

Room to Grow

At first glance, the new Luganville wharf looks like a vast expanse of nothing. But that’s kind of the point.

Roughly 7,000 cubic metres of earth were moved in the construction process, and by the time construction is finished in June next year, the contractor will have constructed or refurbished 20 separate structures.

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