“The reports published regarding the status of Vanuatu’s visa privileges, is nothing more than a malicious attempt to discredit Vanuatu and the work the country is undertaking, to manage and improve the structure of its highly successful Citizenship Investment Program. The article, materially and factually deficient, has achieved little traction or credibility in the mainstream media space.” Read more»


Instead of focusing on exports as the primary market for expansion it is suggested we should be seeking to grow demand from the domestic market where possible. For example, the substitution of imported rice with local kaikai, or growing the tourism sector – one of the key customers for this sector..... Read more»

2021 – The Year Ahead

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the worst since the end of WWII. Global economic shocks, pandemics, the rise of totalitarian regimesand the political disintegration of a superpower were all played out against the backdrop of the increasing and unabated progress of climate change.Help may be on the horizon for COVID-19 and the economic suffering it brought, but there’s no reason to believe that 2021 will mark the end of our pain. We need to be prepared for a long slog...... Read more»

LDC Graduation

Only half a dozen nations have graduated so far. (One LDC was de-listed when its territory was integrated into another’s.) In the Pacific, Samoa was the first to graduate, in 2014. Vanuatu was originally scheduled tofollow it in 2015, but the devastation of cyclone Pam led to a request to defer that moment by five years. Solomon Islands is scheduled to be the next Pacific island nation to graduate, in 2024... Read more»

Budget 2021

The VT 52 billion sticker on next year’s budget seems high, but it’s not entirely what it seems. Most of next year’s rise in spending compensates for money not spent this year. Every vatu the government wants to spend has to be approved by Parliament. But not everything approved gets spent. Read more»