istry of Health released its Road Map for the Safe Reopening of Borders in December 2021. It outlined a proposed 3-Phase approach for the re-opening of Vanuatu’s border. The purpose of this Road Map was to define Health Measures to reduce the risk of importation, spread and impact of COVID-19 during the phased re-opening for quarantine free entry. Read more»


As we look ahead to 2022, the Vanuatu Business Review has selected a few stories from our archive to reflect onthe year that has just past. Whilst there have been signs of recovery in some of the sectors in the economy, othersectors continue to be seriously affected. The main story last year continues to be COVID and its effect on theeconomy. Government VAT revenues have continued their decline from previous years reflecting slowing consumingdemand Read more»

Current Business Outlook
and the impacts of COVID 19

The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has published a research report on the impacts ofCOVID-19 on business. This research report was a follow up on the one that was conducted in 2020 andwas conducted through a series of qualitative interviews with a number of businesses throughout Vanuatu. Across section of 103 businesses from fifteen subsectors of the economy under the Agriculture, Industry andServices sectors were analyzed. It comprised of small enterprises to large employers with more than 125staff. Read more»

The Pandora Papers compound the absurdity of Vanuatu’s blacklisting by the European Union

Released on October 3rd, the Pandora Papers revealed to the world how the rich and powerful shelter huge amounts of money from tax in places ranging from the British Virgin Islands to South Dakota. Two days later, the European Union announced a new list of "harmful" tax havens that includes Vanuatu and almost none of the jurisdictions singled out in the Papers. Read more»


Vanuatu is an island nation which is heavily reliant on inbound shipping. Fuel, construction materials, motorvehicles, processed food, are many items that are imported to Vanuatu and this places importance on logistics.Logistics, good logistics, is about having great information available whether it be schedules or tariffs, people to talk toin critical places around the world, and those relentless, never ending stream of emails to keep things moving. Read more»

The Vanuatu Government, Ministry of Finance and Economic Management published its half yearly Economic and Fiscal Update

COVID-19 has crippled economies worldwide and induced severe economic contractions across much of the Pacific Island Countries with the largest impact felt by those countries that had tourism dependent economies. Vanuatu whilst not heavily dependent upon Tourism has not been immune to the downturn. While it remains COVID-19 free, it has not been immune to the negative effects of the pandemic. Read more»

Women in Business

Esther Maximo AT WANTOK Esther Maximo is a dynamic member of the WanTok team. The technical team manager has much experience managing […] Read more»

Tehya Skye VANUATU

Tehya Skye Vanuatu is locally owned evolving boutique skin care range with a holistic approach that are handmade in small batches in […] Read more»