The Vanuatu Government, Ministry of Finance and Economic Management published its half yearly Economic and Fiscal Update

COVID-19 has crippled economies worldwide and induced severe economic contractions across much of the Pacific Island Countries with the largest impact felt by those countries that had tourism dependent economies. Vanuatu whilst not heavily dependent upon Tourism has not been immune to the downturn. While it remains COVID-19 free, it has not been immune to the negative effects of the pandemic. Read more»

Women in Business

Esther Maximo AT WANTOK Esther Maximo is a dynamic member of the WanTok team. The technical team manager has much experience managing […] Read more»

Tehya Skye VANUATU

Tehya Skye Vanuatu is locally owned evolving boutique skin care range with a holistic approach that are handmade in small batches in […] Read more»

Vanuatu and Crypto Currency

The Vanuatu Offshore Finance Centre and the country status as a tax haven, has been in slow decline over the years due to increase international regulations of Anti Money Laundering (AML) /Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CTL) driven by the International based Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Currently, Vanuatu is currently on the blacklist of the EU as a non-cooperative jurisdiction. It has remained on the blacklist despite being cleared by the FATF. One sector of the offshore finance center has seen growth in the last few years. This is the Financial Dealer Licenses issued. Read more»


Which way is the European Union(EU) choosing with respect to it s unilateral, selective, subjective, and disproportionate application of its own tax, anti–money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism(AML/CFT) policies, on acutely vulnerable former European colonies? Read more»


Vanuatu has taken two big stepsforward in the past week in the ongoing attempts to mitigate and minimize the negative impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, through the arrival of the vaccines and the announcement of a stimuluspackage. These two milestones areunambiguously positive, and should be celebrated. Read more»


“The reports published regarding the status of Vanuatu’s visa privileges, is nothing more than a malicious attempt to discredit Vanuatu and the work the country is undertaking, to manage and improve the structure of its highly successful Citizenship Investment Program. The article, materially and factually deficient, has achieved little traction or credibility in the mainstream media space.” Read more»