ARNOLD GARAE of Leo Cabinets

Arnold Garae

With many years of experience in the carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. Arnold Garae is a master craftsman with big ideas hoping the Market Haos cycle will help take Leo Cabinets to the next level.

Mr Garae’s skills began with vocational training. After he was certified, he had gone on to work in many companies and hotels where he perfected his craft.

“I knew it was something I wanted to make a business out of. So, I stopped working for other companies and registered my business 3 months ago. Since then Leo cabinets has had much work” he says.

Despite the Business name, Arnold makes all kinds of furniture. From Wardrobes, beds, cabinets to food safes.
Specializing mainly in kitchen furniture such as wall units, islands, sink set ups and cabinets. Making and installing
the work himself as he does plumbing and electricity as well. All products are made customized and modified to the
customers need.

As the founder and only worker of Leo’s cabinets. Arnold joined the Market Haos cycle hoping to learn how to manage his business resources.

“I create but on the office side of things, I need a little help. I am hoping to learn how to manage accounts and do marketing for the business. So far I have learnt that being eager to grow your business goes a long way” says Arnold.

Leo’s cabinets has many goals as Arnold say; “I want to provide quality products, using good tools to customers who will be satisfied with my services. I also hope to employ skilled locals as my business grows as I often have higher demands than I can meet as the only worker.”

Arnold encourages everyone with business ideas that you can start a business with any skill set as long as you
are eager to learn, strong minded and hardworking.


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