Youth Challenge Vanuatu launches Business Plan

Compiled by Jason Abel

Youth Challenge Vanuatu (YCV) is rolling out its business plan for youths.

YCV Public Relations Manager, Lillyrose Welwel said that the YCV board of directors have met and discussed about the activities that YCV is implementing this year under the “Enhancement of Youth Empowerment and Leadership (EYEL) project.

EYEL is a project which consists of all the different programs under the YCV. Ms Welwel said it is a five-year project implemented in 2018-2022 funded through OXFAM, under the NZ’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trades. She said that OXFAM has supported YCV since 2007

The business plan covers the EYEL activities, for year 3. She said that it covers the Ready for Work program, Ready for Business program, Vanuatu Youth Training and livelihoods/ the youth center services and the Vanuatu work, previously known as Wok I Kik employment service online, an online job advertising.

Activities the youths will be participating within the four programs primarily targets the EYEL youths within an age range from 16-35.

“We have few and no local qualifications coming from low income households, have disabilities, LGBT and are single parents,” Ms Welwel said.

“The core activities rolled out under the year project that are captured in the business plan, are to ensure that we don’t marginalize youths in leading the economic and social development in Vanuatu.

“Each year, YCV produces a yearly plan that captures all these activities. However, due to the current pandemic and the natural disaster crisis in Vanuatu, the business plan was formally launched in mid-June.

“The plan activities for the first quarter is that we are included in the business plan for YCV was already implemented. Some included the training under the different programs, that aims to provide young people with information to smooth their pathways into employment, or starting a business or enterprise, or to further their studies, as well as providing them resources and network development leadership in contributing into the communities, to be active and become engaging citizens.”