mega888 Vanuatu Business Review » VT40M SUPPLEMENTARY BUDGET FOR VCC


By Terence Malapa

The Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC) will have a supplementary VT40 million for its 2021 operational budget.

This was confirmed by Prime Minister Bob Loughman when delivering his speech to the audience during his recent visit to Orap school, North West Malekula.

In the past, the government usually allocates an annual budget of VT10 million to VCC. The additional VT40 million will bring the overall allocated budget to VT50 million.

“This institution is important as we are a Christian country and our motto says ‘In God we stand’ so it is very important for the government to support this institution,” PM said.

In times of crisis, the power of prayers cannot be underestimated. To date, Vanuatu is still COVID free.

“It is the government’s duty to make sure this institution is functional to enable churches to continue to pray for this beautiful nation so we can be stronger and safer from disasters,” he added.

The VCC was founded in 1967 (as the New Hebrides Christian Council, which became the Vanuatu Christian Council in 1980).

VCC is a non-government organisation, that is made up of her seven member churches, the Presbyterian, Catholic, Church of Christ and many more.