Vanuatu Daily Post welcomes FM107 as one Media Family

By Ezra Toara.

Daily Post, Buzz FM, and FM107 yesterday during the welcome ceremonyBy Ezra Toara

The Vanuatu Daily Post Ltd has acquired the Capital FM107 Radio Station and now takes control of the company.

The team of not more than 20 will still remain at the current FM107 building, while preparations are under way for their new office at the Vanuatu Daily Post office building.

All the preparations are expected to be completed within the next three months, and the radio station crew will officially allocate to their new work space.

A small feast was held at Daily Post yesterday to welcome and officially declare them part of the Daily Post and Buzz FM media team.

The Daily Post Directors, Marc Jones Niel, and Gene Wong, shared during the welcome ceremony their gratitude to the team, and that they are looking forward to see the achievements that this big change will bring.

“Welcome to the media family and don’t forget we are all together, so- there’s no distinction between print or radio or two station, we all are one family and lets just work together,” Gene Wong concluded.


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