V-Lab launches 2nd Incubation Program

By Josepheen Tarianga

V-LAB’s new incubees and sponsors at the launching event of the 2nd program

V-Lab has launched its 2nd incubation program and has taken on four new incubees into its longest running program.

V-Lab will work with the incubees for a year with coaching, training and networking to allow the incubees access to resources that will allow the incubees to grow their business ideas. The incubees all with different ideas are excited to be given the opportunity to expand their business ideas. All the businesses are in different stages. IKKANA cancer society has been in business for 4 years and is looking to grow, on the other hand a duo looking to work further with packaging root crops for sale. One of the incubees is working to help recycling in Vanuatu and another has big ideas on helping health and nutrition in the country.

The president of V-LAB , Marc-Antoine says, “We will invest a lot to time and resources into the incubees and they will invest in us also because this is a very time consuming program

“V-Lab puts a lot of effort into supporting the incubees and their ideas because the ideas potentially benefit the country.”