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UNELCO Electricity Monthly Price Change

The Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA) yesterday announced an increase in UNELCO’s monthly electricity price.

“UNELCO’s electricity customers are informed that in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Port Vila Electricity Concession Contract signed between UNELCO and the Vanuatu Government, the determined electricity tariff is adjusted on a monthly basis via a monthly tariff adjustment formula as defined by the contract to cater for changes in certain types of costs that are beyond UNELCO’s control, but UNELCO incurs to provide electricity service,” the URA stated.

“Accordingly, since the last billing of July 2021 at 53.14VT/kWh, the electricity price has been adjusted upward by 1.3%. Customers should now be expected to pay the electricity in August 2021 at the rate shown here.

“The Authority continues to monitor, verify and approve on a monthly basis UNELCO’s electricity price changes to ensure the monthly computed prices complies with its (UNELCO’s) concession contract. The above outline rate is applied differently to the various customer types of UNELCO via the applicable customer tariff structure.

“Customers are reminded to always manage their electricity consumption by using energy efficient appliances and exercise other electricity saving measures to save on their monthly electricity bills.

“Customers are free to contact or visit the Authority office with any queries they may have in respect of this change.”