Reefers Bar & Grill to host inaugural “Oktoberfest Vanuatu” event

Reefers Bar & Grill are hosting their inaugural two day “Oktoberfest Vanuatu” on 13 and 14 of November. “It’s running on ‘aelan taem lelebet’ this year,” admits Red Benjamin.

Oktoberfest in Germany is largely an agricultural celebration of the last harvest before summer. Much like Vanuatu’s customary celebration of the Yam harvest. Being German herself, the idea came to her that Oktoberfest would be a wonderful annual event that would attract tourists to visit Vanuatu, once borders open. It is celebrated all over the world.

For this year, the event is creating extra revenue for ten different businesses that would otherwise not have been earned. Red is working with two local bakeries to make German baked goods never seen here in Vanuatu, along with other suppliers for plenty of delicious dishes. Bratwurst, sauerkraut and schnitzels go without saying, all washed down with very large glasses of beer.

The Grand Opening for Oktoberfest is 11am on Saturday the 13th, supported by the VMF Band, who are now busy learning five traditional German songs for the occasion.

Red said the VMF were very impressed with their sense of responsibility as it is an Adults Only event.

“We also want the community to know that we are totally aware of the current health situation,” she said.

“Therefore, tickets are very limited for each session. We don’t want to pack people in like sardines. Reefers is a huge, beautiful open air venue, we want our guests to enjoy a wonderful new experience in a safe and spacious environment.”

Ticket prices are affordable to all, as are menu choices. A half day entry ticket only VT1,500 including a first beer or snack for free. Full day tickets VT3,000 with two free inclusions. There will be live music, dancing, best dressed competitions, plus a photo booth.

In closing, Red thanked the VMF Band for their enthusiasm and amazing support, also the VTO who congratulated her on creating this “exciting new event” for Vanuatu.

She also conveyed a big shout out from all Reefers management to the official event sponsors Vanuatu Brewing Limited and Colorite Graphics.