PACER Plus Implementation Unit partners with Pacific Tourism Organisation

The partnership will respond to issues that support the growth of the tourism industry in the Pacific. Photo: Samoa Tourism

The Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) and Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) Plus Implementation Unit or the PPIU have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to foster a collaborative partnership that will benefit both organizations and their stakeholders.

With its extensive knowledge and experience centred in trade and investment aligning itself to the Sustainable Development Goals, PPIU supports Pacific Island countries to implement activities under the PACER Plus Agreement, stimulating economic growth and sustainable development in the Pacific.

Both regional organisations SPTO and PACER Plus will benefit from knowledge sharing and best partnership experiences under the MoU.

A key objective of this partnership is that PACER Plus Implementation Unit and SPTO will collaborate to advocate and respond to issues and opportunities that support the development and sustainable growth of the tourism industry in the Pacific.

The PACER Plus Implementation Unit will manage and deliver the Development and Economic Cooperation Work Programme that will support Pacific PACER Plus members to strengthen their capacity to benefit from regional trade, economic growth, and sustainable development.

Head of the PACER Plus Implementation Unit, Mr. Roy Lagolago commended the MoU with SPTO, adding this was an important step in a partnership agreement between two major regional organisations in a time when collaboration and sharing of knowledge was more important than ever.

Similarly, SPTO Chief Executive, Mr. Christopher Cocker, emphasized the importance of building partnerships to effectively address common challenges.

“We are very excited to work with the PACER Plus Implementation Unit to develop a partnership framework, bringing together our resources and experiences for the benefit of our respective member countries,” Mr. Cocker said.

“To partner and collaborate with an established regional body like the PPIU is crucial particularly when working towards recovery in the tourism industry post the global pandemic. A collaboration with like-minded partners is critical for SPTO and our member countries to drive tourism’s recovery and ensure resilience in the long run.”