NBV makes breakthrough in South Santo

L-r: SANMA SG Mr. Albert Rudley, NBV Acting CEO Mr. Tony Motuliki, SANMA President Mr Malmal Langi Touve and Head of Premium Banking Mr. Jerry Ishmael

The National Bank of Vanuatu (NBV) Ltd has recently opened another online branch in Tasmalum, south Santo.

This is another milestone for NBV as it brings banking services to rural communities and deliver on its mission and vision.

The launching was witnessed by the SANMA Province President, Malmal Langi Touve, Secretary General (SG) Albert Ruddley and his staff, chiefs and people around Tasmalum and NBV staff.

SG Ruddley spoke highly of NBV and said that to have a new branch opened from scratch in a rural and remote area was amazing, and within six months it was a miracle.

He outlined a lot of future inputs that will lead to a firm foundation for economic growth in the area.

SANMA President Touve was also very appreciative of this achievement and all the other work NBV does in his province.

The local chiefs were very happy that their area and community now has financial services at their doorsteps.

NBV’s acting CEO, Tony Motuliki was humbled to launch the Tasmalum branch and to witness the real joy and relief on the residents of this community.

The many stories that came from the communities during the opening highlighted the hardship of mothers having to sell so much of their crops just to get enough money to go into Luganville to pay school fees, send money to other parts of the country or other related financial services.

Sometimes they had to sleep in certain areas for nights until the river levels allowed them to cross.

NBV looks forward to establishing more branches in remote locations as the opportunities arises.