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M-Vatu app with QR payment – the game changer

Vodafone users are about to experience a radical change in their everyday lives. After a few months of preparation, the telecom company has just released the M-Vatu application.

Elegant and designed to be super simple to use, this new app can be downloaded on Google Play and will be available soon on App Store.

The customers will be glad to know that the application can be used everywhere in Vanuatu and can function without being charged from customers data balance.

Back in 2019, thanks to a fruitful collaboration with UNDP, RBV, TRBR, FIU, DFAT and within the framework of the Pacific Financial Inclusion Program (PFIP) Vodafone launched the very first electronic wallet in Vanuatu.

This was a big step in favor of financial inclusion.

Only a year later, Vodafone launched the international money transfer whose advantageous rates had been very well negotiated throughout the Pacific zone.

Vodafone’s priority this year is to connect families and communities as the Covid 19 pandemic is keeping many apart. Stepping fully in the digital era is also a way to protect businesses and help them grow despite all of the challenges.

Vodafone is now taking its customers to the next level with a brand-new application that will be facilitating payments for everyone while benefiting the economy.

Why use M-VATU application? The M- Vatu application is user friendly. It can be freely downloaded in a few seconds both on Google Play and will be available soon on Apple store.

It can work without data, and it is designed to offer an easy and intuitive experience.

It is a game changer: QR payment and data gifting. The application comes with QR payment option which will simplify payment systems in Vanuatu.

User will simply tap and go when paying for their shopping at Vodafone M-VATU merchants.

Secondly, now that internet has become part of our everyday lives, you can pay data for a family or friend through the app. This service of data gifting is totally new in Vanuatu.

It offers a wide range of services available on the app: The application has wide range of services, Send or withdraw money, pay for Top up, pay your bills for Vodafone and UNELCO, buy your data or send data to another Vodafone user and many more.

It is money and time saving: Taking expensive transports just to pay bills and queuing for hours will soon be a distant memory. Many institutions, companies and businesses have adopted M-VATU.

Paying your water and electricity bills (UNELCO), your social contributions (VNPF) and your grocery bills (Dynamics) have never been easier.

These transactions also facilitate delivery of goods and services at the office or home.

Special Launching offer: Anyone can go to the Vodafone Shop to Register to M-VATU and download the Application, to get free 3GB Data and also enter the draw M-VATU e-value.