Launching of MALAMPA Labour Office Tomorrow

By Godwin Ligo

The Department of Labour will have a new office in MALAMPA Province this Friday.

The new Labour Department Office will be located at the PWD Premises in Lakatoro, which is MALAMPA Provincial Government Headquarters and it will be staffed by one officer.

This is the first time after 40 years of Independence that the Department is decentralising its offices to the provinces.

Currently the Department has offices in SHEFA and SANMA.

“We are implementing the national government’s decentralisation policy in this regard, taking government services to the people,” Commissioner of Labour (COL) Murielle Meltenoven informed Daily Post from Lakatoro yesterday.

“We are 40 and we have to act upon the policies of the government to take services right down to the rural population of Vanuatu where services are needed.”

The Daily Post understands the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Labour matters Ishmael Kalsakau, will travel to Malekula on Friday for the launching of the new Labour Department office.

The launching will coincide with the MALAMPA Day celebrations that will be staged on Sunday.

“We will have a one-stop shop with the Immigration and Civil Status offices at the PWD premises for the time being and once the Police offices are moved to their new premises up at Lakatoro, we will move into their vacated offices,” the COL explained.

She said local businesses in MALAMPA have increased over the years to become second after TAFEA, justifying the establishment of a Labour office in Lakatoro. Once the office is fully operational, it will handle the majority of employment mobility applications for those seeking work in New Zealand and Australia.

“As we are working with Immigration and Civil Status officials, Ni-Vans who seek employment overseas in New Zealand and Australia need not travel to Port Vila nor Luganville Santo to clear and receive formal travel and other such documents.

It will all be done here in MALAMPA,” COL Meltenoven said.

She also pointed out that with the growing businesses in MALAMPA province, it is expected that labour issues will also increase.

“This is one of the very reasons that we must establish an office in MALAMPA and prepare to deal with issues as and when they arise, instead of waiting for a long time before dispatching Labour officers from the Head Office in Port Vila to come and deal with Labour issues here,” the COL said.

“We are demonstrating our maturity as we become 40 and this is the very reason for taking government services to 80% of the population of Vanuatu.

“TAFEA will be next at the end of this month, followed by PENAMA and TORBA. We must advance into the provinces as development activities expand throughout the country.”