Flour stock depleted in all bakeries except Ah Pow

By Josepheen Tarianga.

Ah Pow Bakery still has flour in stock and has bread for its customers.

The continuous flour shortage in the capital has now resulted in all bakeries closing their doors, except for Ah Pow Bakery as the only bakery with enough flour supply to last a few more weeks.

The shortage has drawn on into weeks as more and more bakeries close, waiting for the new shipment of flour that was supposed to arrive on the 16th of this month.

“The date we were given was not met, we are told that the flour shipment should be in on Wednesday of this week,” said Galini Jean Louis, the Manager of Shefa Bakery.

“We have not been told why there is further delay in shipments, and do not know whether or not the 23rd of June will actually bring the shipment or another delay.”

Ah Pow Bakery stands to be the last bakery with flour still in stock and still producing bread. The bakery informs the Daily Post that in the last week it had used up to a containers worth of flour to make bread. While there is flour in stock, there is only enough to last about 2 weeks.

Brother Bakery had depleted its flour stock last week Wednesday and are waiting for the next flour shipment, in hopes that Brother’s bread production can start back up by Thursday. “We were told to expect the shipment on Wednesday. For us, this is the third shortage we are experiencing in this year alone,” explained John Shi, the owner of Brother Bakery.

“We get flour shipments twice every month. Despite COVID-19, last year’s shipments were good, but since the war in Ukraine started there has been more issues with flour supply.

“We ship our flour from Fiji, Fiji sources its wheat from European countries and Ukraine.”