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Company giving out cash after 21 days

Crowd gathering outside the office of the newly established company.

A company that is reportedly registered under the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) as Bless To Be Blessed, whose business activity is to carry out financial activities was the talk of Port Vila town yesterday.

The company is located at the northern end of the Central Business District and is promising a huge return within 21 working days for cash deposits.

Depositing VT5,000 would get a return of around VT38,000 in 21 working days.

This has raised the eyebrows of many people in the Capital, that are reminded of a ponzi or pyramid scheme, although this entity is registered as a business company that was established in the month of May. The small office of the company was packed yesterday with members of the public rushing in to place deposits.

Daily Post understands that some members that made deposits in the past have already received their financial return from the company.