Carpenter Motors launches new tractors

By Germain Sam

Carpenter Motors (CM) Vanuatu has recently launched Massey Ferguson MF 385 4×4 and MF240 2X2 tractors at its headquarter in Port Vila.

Government departments, on-government organizations, the private sectors and the members of the public were invited to the launching.

Carpenter Motors Service and Training Manager Mark Philip explained the differences between MF 385 and MF240 tractors.

“The MF3855 4×4 is a four-wheel drive tractor while the MF240 is a two wheel drive tractor. The MF3855 comprise of an engine power of 85hp compare with the 50 HP for the MF240,” he said.

It is the first time in Vanuatu, Carpenter motors offer its range of 85hp 4×4 Massey Ferguson tractors. The MF385 is a worldwide recognized workhorse and has been in operation for over 40 years in all parts of the world. It is still widely used in most of the African continent.

The Carpenter Motors Sales Manager explained the advantages of the Massey Ferguson 385.

“The model MF 385 is an old model and its spare parts and consumables for this model are available everywhere in the World and at most Vanuatu spare part shops. The prize of the MF 383 is two time cheaper than Carpenter motors competitors prize”, he said.

Carpenter Motors sell the MF385 costs VT5,000,000 and the MF240 VT2, 950,000.

The other good side of the new model offered by Carpenter Motors is that the model of Massey Ferguson can add accessories on them depending on the customer needs.

CM has a range of tractor accessories in stock such as 1m80 rotary slasher, 1m50 lawn mower, Twin hydraulic cylinder front blade, front loader, rear backhoe with pump, heavy duty Auger, tipper, rotovator ridger, cassava planter and more accessories.

It is a very important machine and it can be used in large farming. CM is proud to help the produce sector with the introduction of their new MF tractors.