BSP: No Missing Funds

In response to the Daily Post article dated Saturday 28th of August, BSP Vanuatu has confirmed that no money has been stolen or taken from the customer’s account as reported.

BSP Country Head, Nik Regenvanu advised that he has spoken with the customer who also confirmed that no funds were missing from his account once clarifications on transactions on his account were provided to him.

Regenvanu clarified that the situation had arisen from an issue identified with the narratives on bank statements that were not reporting correctly for some types of transactions.

“We are aware of this particular issue and have communicated this to our customers and to the vendor of our core banking system, Oracle, who have advised that they are actively working on the delivery of this fix.

“We will continue to push for resolution of this issue at the earliest possible date and assure all customers that at no time have funds been lost or taken from customers’ accounts,” he says.