Wanfuteng Bank Turns 2

by Adorina Massing

Wanfuteng Bank is celebrating its 2-year anniversary today after beginning its operations in July 2018.

Led by Chief Executive Officer, Ms Catherine Le Bourgeois, the company’s focus from its inception has been on providing the highest quality of services for all its customers as well as championing local initiatives.

To date, the Bank has invested close to Vt10 million in community projects, helping with the relief efforts from the aftermath of Cyclone Harold to supporting the Women’s Handicraft Association as well as the Education Sector.

With COVID-19 impacting everyone globally, the Bank has supported 7 of their major clients with loan repayment holidays.

“We are young but we are extremely excited for the future,” Ms Le Bourgeois said

“Since our launch, we have made it our mission to make things better for our customers and the people of Vanuatu.

“We have become more closer and have become a part of the community and to grow alongside them.

“In addition to commercial loans, home loans, land loans and car loans, we have expanded our ATM to 3 locations, with additional 2 ATM located at Tana Russet and Wilco and we have introduced quick cheque deposit service.

“We provide direct remittance services to China.”

Wanfuteng Bank is the first financial institution to introduce self-servicing ATM terminals in Port Vila that provide both depositing and withdrawal functions.

It also helped install coin machines to facilitate day-to-day transactions.

Wanfuteng — meaning ‘Soaring Wealth’ in Chinese, is characterised by its iconic Carp and Lotus logo, which symbolise good fortune and prosperity.

The color purple is inspired by women’s role in business and creativity.

The circle of (Ru Yi) represents the never ending fortune as you desire with Wanfuteng Bank.

”Our logo’s value reflect those of the people of Vanuatu. Just like them, we are creative and we are efficient.”

Let the birthday celebrations begin.