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Vodafone Pitch to Education

By Kizzy Kalsakau

Vodafone launched an information packed video enlightening customers on how the network operates and how users are able to access telecommunication services with their provider last week in Port Vila.

It depicts how difficult it is to get reception from a network whilst on the islands, and the video explains the lengths that Vodafone goes to to provide its users with the best cell reception in the outer islands.

“To be able to communicate with our loved ones, that is the real reason of the production of this video, to explain what is behind watching a YouTube, texting, it’s all about this.”

The Vodafone CEO also provided some suggestions for the Ministry of Health, stating that pay-windows and government firewalls for educational sites should be removed to make data more accessible for students and teachers.

“The government or university has different access for a website to access different content for education, what we want is to make this access free.”

CEO Lutchmoodoo was speaking in the context of living in a COVID-19 affected country, something that students would eventually encounter during their studies.

The CEO who was appointed in 2019 further explained how Vodafone’s satellite services and teams in outer islands would be the best option for schools needing to stay in connected with their Ministry and other schools.

“Satellite will make things easier, you can connect any school with the satellite communication anywhere today, we have made our fares the cheapest one to ensure all schools if they want access they can access our satellite services.

“We have teams everywhere, in Santo, Malekula, and Tanna, we are the best reference in providing this satellite services in the region.”

After the pitch, CEO Lutchmoodoo concluded that the pandemic has affected the company in terms of shortage in roaming fees, however, the need for telecommunication service outweighs the minor setbacks brought by the pandemic.

While Vodafone workers aren’t exactly scaling a hilltop, or climbing trees to make a call, Chief Executive Officer Barlen Lutchmoodoo sympathized with those who do and added that the end goal is for mass network coverage.