Where We Want To Go When A Pacific Travel Bubble Opens

Flight Centre Travel Group one of the world’s largest travel agency groups, with more than 2,000 leisure, corporate and wholesale businesses have already begun to promote and advertise packages for a Pacific Travel bubble. They have placed five islands on their list and Santo is on the top.

Five islands at the top of our list when we can visit the South Pacific

Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

If immersing yourself in nature is the aim of your island game, then the largest of Vanuatu’s islands, Santo should be number one on your list. It’s littered with beautiful places to relax, including the famous blue holes you’ll find around the island, beautiful Champagne Beach, and if you’re into snorkelling and diving, there are incredible dive sites at Million Dollar Point and Coolidge Wrecks. Plus, you can fly direct from Australia.

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Less known than the main island resorts of Fiji, the Yasawas are a group of islands famous for their white sandy beaches and fine weather – they’re in the sunniest, driest part of Fiji. The Yasawa Island Resort is the only commercial resort on the islands, which means a visit here is filled with deserted beaches, authentic Fijian culture and untouched snorkelling and diving in the surrounding reefs. Need an escape without phone signal? This is probably it.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

If you need an island paradise that’s oozing romance for just you and your better half, Aitutaki is it. Aitutaki is made up of one main island, an incredibly beautiful turquoise lagoon, and a surrounding barrier reef. You can jump on a boat from the resort and make a beeline across the lagoon to a deserted island for a romantic lunch and snorkel without seeing another soul. The lagoon is renowned for its marine life, including rays, turtles and an abundance of fishlife.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If you liked the sound of the lagoon at Aitutaki, stay with us, because Bora Bora in French Polynesia is also a lagoon-clad beauty to add to your list. Here you can snorkel with rays and sharks, hike through tropical rainforests, or kick back at a fancy resort. Yes please.


Halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, this small nation of just 10 islands has soared to the top of our must-travel-to list. Not only because it’s a fairly untouched tropical paradise, but also because it sort of fills the nature hole that not being able to go to Mexico and Hawaii has left. What do we mean? Well, firstly there the To-Sua Ocean Trench, which is a crystal clear swimming hole surrounded by lush jungle – somewhat similar to the cenotes you’ll find in Mexico. Then there is the surfing – though not for the beginners among us, for the coral reefs that ring the islands create massive but precarious breaks. Then there are some of the South Pacific’s most beautiful waterfalls, incredible snorkelling, warm local hospitality and plenty of empty beaches to kick back and relax on.