VMGD Director Presents Upgraded Road Design Guide to PWD

By Ezra Toara.

The handing over ceremony of the Vanuatu Road Design Guide.
By Ezra Toara

The Vanuatu Road Design Guide, an upgraded version supported by the Van-KIRAP project, was officially handed over to the Public Works Department (PWD) in a ceremony at the PWD office yesterday.

This updated guide incorporates guidance on planning and construction techniques to enhance road asset resilience against climate change impacts for the first time.

Montin Romone, Director of the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department (VMGD), expressed his pleasure at witnessing the milestone event. He noted the significance of this achievement for both the PWD and the Ministries of Infrastructure and Climate Change.

Van-KIRAP’s main goal is to utilise climate data to develop climate information platforms for informed decision-making across five partner sectors: Agriculture, Fisheries, Tourism, Water, and Infrastructure.

Romone said climate change affects all sectors and daily life, making it challenging for the government to provide stable services to the people. This recognition is not only at the national level but also at the international and regional levels. VMGD has developed platforms through projects like Van-KIRAP to enhance climate information services across various sectors.

He expressed his pride in the partnership and hoped it would continue to benefit the people of Vanuatu.

Moriah Matou, Project Manager of Van-KIRAP, explained that the project emerged from a sector framework, primarily focusing on the Vanuatu Meteorological Service. However, recognizing the widespread impact of climate change on every sector and aspect of life, they sought to integrate climate information across all sectors.

VMGD has been collaborating closely with several sectors to engage in climate-resilient projects for the benefit of the Vanuatu population. The Vanuatu Road Design Guide Project, supported by the Green Climate Fund, is a vital component of this framework.