Titan FX signs up as ProRescue’s Survivor Games sponsor

It’s not every day that a local company gets behind ProRescue but Titan FX has made this a reality on Tuesday, June 29 2021 at Design Impax.

ProRescue is holding the Survivor Games at Seafront on Saturday, 17th of July.

“The Survivor Games are our biggest fundraiser for the year,” ProRescue team leader Troy Spann stated. “Last year we had to cancel because of the uncertainty of COVID-19. One year on, we’re lucky not to have the disease get a toehold here, that’s because we wisely closed our borders.

“However, that has meant a lot of businesses are struggling, so we set out to try and get a naming sponsor for the Survivor Games which would allow us to keep the entry fee low, our first stop was Titan FX and we didn’t have to go any further.

“On Tuesday night they officially became our naming sponsor of the upcoming Survivor Games, giving ProRescue VT1,000,000.

“Furthermore, they committed to three years, pledging a further VT1,000,000, with VT500,000 in 2022 and 2023.

“That’s not all they did, they lavished us with steaks and snacks on the BBQ and drinks which they prepared for us. We invited our brothers and sisters from ProMedical Vanuatu down (thank you to Angie, Pascal Nakou and the team) and we had a mock comp between Titan FX, ProMedical and ProRescue.

“Titan FX didn’t even give the emergency services a look in, blitzing them. During the signing, Martin St-Hilaire said that it was Titan FX’s social responsibility to support organisations like ProRescue who do so much for the community.

“On behalf of the VESA National Manager Angie, all the ProRescue volunteers, thank you, Martin, James, Allan and the entire Titan FX team for your generosity.”