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Thomas first Chairman of VIPAM Board

Terence Malapa

Rex Thomas is the VIPAM Board’s first ever Chairman.

Thomas Rex is the newly elected Chairman of the Vanuatu Institute of Public Management (VIPAM) board.

Mr. Rex from the Vanuatu Qualification Authority was elected yesterday at the VIPAM Conference room to the position and he is the first ever chairman of this newly endorsed board.

The Vice Chairman is the director of Education, Anne-Rose Tjiobang and the rest of the members are, Pierre Metsan Principle Education Officer, Carol Aru Linguist and Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office Gregoire Nimbtik.

Their mandate is for a period of three years.

The election of the chairman was witnessed by the Secretary General (SG) of Public Service Commission (PSC), Jean Yves Bibi.

SG Bibi said VIPAM as an institution that must have its own board of directors to coordinate its affairs and PSC has worked tirelessly to set up this board specifically to develop and strengthen the capacity and development of civil servants.

“We all have celebrated the 40 years of this nation and this is a new innovation of the PSC to strengthen arm of the government which is VIPAM,” he said.

He said before this institution there was a Human Resource Development Unit under the PSC and it was the intention of the PSC to change the name and work to become what it is today.

“PSC gave power to this institution to provide quality capacity building training to its staffs (civil servants) to improve the skills of its human resources, and it was an administrative challenge for us but we have made many changes and today we have a new board,” SG Bibi said.

This board have to look deep more on the field of scholarships where for civil servants.

“As a training arm of the government, this board has a duty to approve scholarship that must be in line with the HRD plan that have been lodged and any scholarship awarded must be in line with the training arms of PSC and the workforce planning of the Vanuatu government because until today the choice of which field of study came from individual staffs and there is no alignment with the needs of PSC,” he added.

Newly elected chairman Thomas said this institution (VIPAM) requires a separate committee to manage training in different government departments. 

“I acknowledge PSC for the decision to strengthen the works of VIPAM by creating its first ever board,” Chairman Thomas said.

The role and function of the VIPAM unit is to assist people connected to the Vanuatu Public Service build their general knowledge and skills and provide advice on HRD policies. PSC training courses are coordinated and managed by the VIPAM unit.

In addition to training, VIPAM has taken on board the scholarship for public servants and executive Development programs.