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P&O Cruises to hire more Vanuatu workers

The P&O team will be actively seeking candidates for important positions in Port Vila, such as Housekeeping, F&B, Galley, and Reception on February 6, 2024.

Currently, there are 70 Ni-Vanuatu workers onboard the P&O Cruises and 40 alone working with the Pacific Encounter and this year they invite aspiring individuals to join their dynamic team and enjoy the many benefits of working onboard a cruise ship.

Workforce Planning Manager for Carnival Australia, Mai Bingham, stated that working for P&O Cruises isn’t just a job; it is an opportunity to see the world while simultaneously advancing your career opportunities. As part of the P&O crew, one gets to explore new and exciting places, forming lasting memories as you sail the waters of the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

“As part of our team, you’ll have the chance to improve your language skills by communicating with guests from Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. It is a unique experience that not only enriches your professional profile but also broadens your cultural understanding,” she said.

“With plenty of learning and development opportunities offered onboard, employees can acquire new skills, upskill existing ones, and progress within chosen career paths.

“Working with P&O Cruises means connecting with people from all over the world, providing a special opportunity to learn about diverse cultures and collaborate with individuals worldwide. It is not just a job; it is a chance to broaden your horizons and gain a deeper understanding of our global community.”

Yesterday, the Vanuatu Daily Post had the opportunity to speak with one of Vanuatu’s finest, Ruth Namu, who has been working with P&O since 2002. She first started as a Buffet Steward, which means keeping the Cruise restaurant and buffet tables clean and maintaining the overall look of the outlet to the expected standards.

She received a promotion and is now employed by P&O Cruise as a bartender. Since working at the P&O, Namu said she had a great experience in the tourist industry because it is an international firm that has trained her to be a professional in the field of hospitality and tourism.

“Since I came on board I know nothing about tourism, but when I came onboard I learn many experience such as having more opportunity to connect with other people, other nationalities and gain much experiences out of them,” she said.

Mrs. Namu encourages teenagers in Vanuatu to pursue more experience in tourism by considering work onboard.

“I encourage teenagers who have some knowledge about tourism to seek advice from South Sea Services and consider working onboard. There are challenges to face while living onboard, which vary for each individual. If you have a goal, plan for it, stay determined, and make your dreams come true by thinking strongly about what you want,” she said.

“There are many influences that you can encounter on board so you have to be strong in order to achieve what you come to do, since life on board is different than on land and you can experience many things that can tempt you to lose your job.”