Pikinini Bar revolutionises healthy living and local economy

By Doddy Morris

Mr.Milroy Cainton (L). As the news spread, more visitors turn up to have a taste at the Pikinini Bar

The newly established Pikinini Bar, situated at the Waterfall Kava Bar in Fatumaru Bay, has processed 400 pineapples and coconuts in just four days after its launch.

Launched on Friday 12 of January, the healthy fresh fruit juice bar have attracted not only children but adults as well who comes in every morning to clear their guts and in the afternoon whom some use to rinse their mouth after drinking kava.

Initiated by Milroy Cainton, the Pikinini Bar is a concept designed to enable parents who indulge in kava and go out every evening to bring their kids to the Waterfall Kava Bar. As the parents savor their Kava and Tusker, the children can delight in wholesome and fresh organic tropical Vanuatu fruits.

While the kids enjoy their wholesome drinks, you can continue with Kava, Tusker, and any other adult beverage you prefer, rather than leaving your kids at home to do unrelated things.

Another reason behind the setting up of the Pikinini Bar is that many people who stroll around Port Vila are Kava drinkers, and the best thing a Kava drinker can do is detox. Milroy explained that when you introduce Kava toxins into your body, you need to flush out those toxins in a healthy way by incorporating fresh fruits into your drinks, such as a combination of carrot, lime, banana, coconut, and other tropical foods we have in Vanuatu.

“This way, it washes out all the toxins and prepares your body for another intake of Kava in the evening. Many people are also unwell and need healthy drinks. If you visit other cafes these days, they often use fake fruit bunches and fruit drinks.

“However, Pikinini Bar sources locally produced fruits directly from farmers, ensuring transparency from the garden to the table to your body. You can witness us grinding, blending, and extracting juice right in front of you, so you can trust what you are putting into your body,” stated Milroy.

Mr. Milroy further emphasizes that in the last four days after the launch of the Bar, he has witnessed that what he is doing is also a way to address the high cost of vegetables and fruits in the market.

“Farmers need people to buy their products in large quantities to reduce prices. By buying in large quantity, we can negotiate prices with farmers, saying, “I am purchasing a total of 100 pineapples per day; can you reduce the price?” Of course, they will reduce it.

“This way, we slowly and organically address the high cost of fruits and vegetables in Port Vila.

At the end, farmers will be happy, we will be content with healthy fruit drinks, and our business will continue to thrive.

“The nation can take pride in the fact that what is planted will contribute back to the economy. When everyone is content, Vanuatu can truly be independent and economically strong. A small approach can make a big impact,” he concluded.