Oxfam’s VT1.5M Funding to Boost Teouma Bush Root Crops Farmers’ Production

By Ezra Toara.

President of Teouma Bush Root Crops Farmers Association, Mr. Willy Kalo MarawotuBy Ezra Toara

The Teouma Bush Root Crops Farmers Association, comprising 30 farmers who united earlier this year, has sought assistance from various government and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to support their three-month root crops cultivation plan.

Oxfam Vanuatu responded to their request and generously provided VT1.5 million, which will be distributed among the farmers, with each receiving VT50,000.

Mr. Willy Kalo Marawotu, President of the Association, outlined the allocation of funds, stating that VT5,000 will be used for farm area preparation, VT25,000 for bush clearing, and VT20,000 for tractor plowing.

The primary goal of the Association is to transition from backyard farming to commercial farming, enhance preparedness for disasters, establish marketing standards for both local and export markets, and contribute to the economic growth of the country.

The farmers planted their crops in February and are now planning to launch their produce on the 24th of this month. While they are grateful for Oxfam’s support, they remain open to receiving assistance from business houses and are actively seeking additional funding and support from other sectors, companies, government bodies, and NGOs.

Mr. Marawotu expressed the Association’s joy and appreciation for the significant assistance received from Oxfam, emphasising that it is the first time they have been supported on such a scale by an organisation like Oxfam.