Manples Market to be relocated to Marobe

Manples Market before the reduction of Market vendors

By Kizzy Kalsakau and Jason Abe.

As concerns continue to escalate over the reduction of market vendors at the Manples Market area, the SHEFA Provincial Government Council (SPGC) is appealing to the public to cooperate as it embarks on implementing the development plans in its jurisdiction.

In an interview with Buzz 96.3FM’s Vanuatu Nightly News, the Secretary General to the SPGC, Morris Kaloran said that they are working on plans under the Physical Planning Act with the Manples market management committee to create an agreement and principle to ensure that the Manples market will be relocated to the Marobe market venue at the Blandinier area, next year.

Mr Kaloran said the agreement and plan is currently in process, with discussions already begun. He said they will try to apply as well restrictions in place to ensure that the management is organized, conducive to the environment, and try to set an impression to the changes the market management is doing now at the Manples market premises.

Furthermore, as the country is about to celebrate its 40th Anniversary this year, the SPGC is also determined to create a better impression within the market, to ensure any foreigners travelling in, may have a good impression as well.

This includes ensuring it is well organized, with special measures in place to manage the market properly.

The SG said there are a few contributing factors that have come up in regards to the market’s current location. He mentioned issues such as that the market venue is located in a residential zone, and traffic congestions within the area which is quite an issue in the past.

Though the public has their perception on what SPGC is doing, the SG further stated that they are acting on the basis that Vanuatu is now mature, adding that as the 40th Anniversary coming up, they want to create a better impression in that market.

With people questioning why the number of market vendors have been reduced, the SG mentioned there were a few concerns to the particular committee managing the market premises. He confirmed that the management committee and SPGC are the two parties addressing the current situation. He said SPGC is the only authority to give out a license and permit to any business operation under its jurisdiction. SPGC is aware of the committee’s registration within the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, however complications were encountered resulting in the current situation.

The parties have met yesterday morning, and the committee has begun its operation with an additional of 37 more market vendors to continue their sales at the Manples market premises, a total of 57 overall. However only 20 vendors were present yesterday.

He confirmed that it is likely the number will increase but with certain measures in place, to ensure that the sanitation and hygienic standard has to upgrade and more importantly comply with the COVID-19 restrictions.

The SPGC is currently working closely with the Manples market management committee in addressing the Manples market’s relocation plan.

The SG stated that as far as SPGC is concerned, the Physical Planning Act has given SPGC the authority to ensure that everyone has to work in accordance with the law in making sure that SPGC manages their developments properly.

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