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Labour Department: Only agents can recruit for seasonal work

By Godwin Ligo

With confirmation by the Australian High Commission in Port Vila for 800 Ni-Vans to work in Australia soon, the Commissioner of Labour, Murielle Meltenoven, has advised that Ni-Vanuatu who wish to apply for the employment opportunities can do so through the recruiting agents.

However, she advised that Ni-Vanuatu may have to check first with the Labour Department for the names of the valid agents.

“People can come to the Labour Department to check the list of valid agents for this year, 2020 and they apply to them directly to have placement for employment opportunities in Australia,” she told the Daily Post.

The Commissioner added that the intended policy by the government to have recruitments done through government agencies must first see the relevant law amended but for now, Ni-Vanuatu can apply directly through the existing agents.

Despite COVID-19, Australia has opened up the door for employment opportunities, not only for the 800 Ni-Vans, but as an ongoing project between Australia and Vanuatu.

All protocols apply to every Ni-Vans that travel to work in Australia and back.

The Daily Post understands that some agents are already busy as of yesterday receiving calls from Ni-Vans that want to take up the employment opportunities in Australia in the coming weeks.