Fibreglass Vanuatu launching new product soon

Fiberglass Vanuatu is introducing a new product called Fibreice soon.

It is a deep freezer made by the company from fiberglass and it operates on renewable energy.

Fiberglass Owner and Managing Director, Geordie Mackenzie-Reur says the product is a cheaper renewable energy and water resistant fiberglass freezer box.

“Anything can happen with fiberglass, we can produce anything.

“This one is an initiative from the government, the Department of Tourism, that wanted to assist bungalow operations in the islands.

“They found that systems there have failed and they contracted a technical person to assess and found out all the problems.

“So now we’ve created this product to alleviate that problem,” he said.

Mr Mackenzie-Reur says the government initiative to enable this project now allows the company to be ready for any other project.

He says the new product is not going to be cheap as it comes in a full package and of quality.

“It’s not going to be cheap.

“I told the interested participants at this forum (Tourism Forum) a figure.

“They weren’t surprised because they know it’s going to be a quality product.

“So, we’re looking at around Vt1.2 million for the full unit — four batteries and it’s top quality heavy duty batteries, freezer box, inverter to use as back when using generator or solar panels.

“The package is that for the whole system. It’s top quality stuff and you’ve got to pay for top quality,” Mr Mackenzie-Reur said.

He said people are placing their orders so that once the product is put together, they can access it.

The Fibreglass Managing Director was speaking to Kizzy Kalsakau from 96.3 FM this week at the Tourism Forum held in Port Vila.