AUF Innovation workshop underway

By Jason Abel.

Day One session. Photo: AUF

A 2-day Innovation Workshop conducted by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) in partnership with Breadfruit Consulting commenced at the AUF conference room yesterday morning.

A total of 30 participants attended the session on Day One. It was facilitated by trainers from Breadfruit Consulting, the University of the South Pacific (USP) and AUF. It is open to the public and it is a first for AUF to engage with students regarding innovation.

Furthermore, it aims to promote entrepreneurship within country. AUF has conducted entrepreneurship workshops in the past with local entrepreneurs but has resolved to enroll students this year.

According to AUF, the target of the Innovation workshop is to bring students together and come up with effective solutions to address issues and challenges faced within the society. It also seeks to prepare students effectively while addressing the challenges at hand with flexible solutions.

The activity saw participants getting into various group exercises to discover how to solve problems in educational, social, and community life that will serve each individual in their daily lives.

AUF stated that at the end of the 2-day event, 25 students will be selected to benefit from a free 10-day workshop training on entrepreneurship. The training will see the students learn how to set up their personal project as well as providing them the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurship.

“It provides an avenue for students after completing studies, to apply for job opportunities or better yet engage in entrepreneurship,” said Bosco Boukone, facilitator and AUF technician.

The workshop will end today (Wednesday), and participants will present their projects before a selective 25 students will head into the 10-day entrepreneurship workshop.

Over VT1 million was budgeted for both events.