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APTC hands over bursaries to VIT

By Josepheen Tarianga

APTC and VIT representatives with 4 of the 6 students awarded with bursaries.By Josepheen Tarianga

The Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC) has handed over VT40,000 bursaries to six of the Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT) students under the APTC/VIT COVID Bursaries.

Partnership Facilitator at APTC, Gina Dehinavanuasays; “APTC pays fees to VIT for using space in the VIT compound. 15% of that goes towards supporting students during this COVID period. The VT40,000 will go towards helping the students’ tuition fees.”

According to Vocational training Manager, Natasha Murray, several students had applied to VIT in hopes of receiving a bursary. APTC had selected according to fields that lacked human resources within the country and in consideration of human resources, male and females enrolled in non-traditional courses.

The Deputy Academic principal, Takalo Graham thanks the Australian Government for their financial assistance and encourages students to work hard in order to reach their set academic goals.

Judith Sam, one of the successful applicants is enrolled in an Electrical Engineering program at VIT.

“I am so glad I was able to get financial assistance from APTC. My family has certain family issues and this really makes things easier for me. I feel motivated to work harder now,” she says.

Another successful applicant, Seiroa Vanustella shares that he was a university of the South Pacific student but ran out of funds and had to work for a tour operator as a tour guide.

“This sparked my interest in tour operations and so I used the funds I made from tour operations to pay for my tuition here at VIT to study Tour operations. When COVID hit the tourism industry, the revenue dried up and I was out of a job and source of income, this bursary will really help me going forward,” he says.