TIV Community Advocacy Officer returning to Luganville to run workshops at Solway

Transparency International Vanuatu Community Advocate Douglas Tamara is flying up to the Northern Town of Luganville again this Sunday to facilitate Civic Education Workshops to mark International Youth Day on August 12 while Luganville is holding its one next week from August 24 — 26.

While this global event is celebrated round the world, Solway Community of Luganville will host the event in partnership with the Ministry of Youths and Sports, Ministry of Justice, Transparency Vanuatu as well as other partners who are also involved in the activities.

“While our youths in Port Vila have already organized their celebrations through Youth Parliament, our Luganville Youths have not had the chance to organise theirs on the actual date so they are organizing their next week”, Advocate Tamara says.

“I wish to acknowledge the Task Force on the ground for assisting us at TIV to fund such an important event to assist information flow to others who are not fortunate to attend.

“This year’s theme is to engage young people in various aspects of life including how to manage their own businesses as well as other aspects of life.

“My job is to assist to train young people in Luganville how to better manage their youth programmes either in church, sports or music groups, there are always challenges to effectively manage their youth programmes so I am going up to help them smoothen any ruffle feathers to cater for good governance to come in”.