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Gov’t tender for tractors awarded to highest bidder

By Hilaire Bule

The Vanuatu Government has acquired six Kubota M7540 Tractors from Thai Viet Hardware Limited for over VT148,000, 000 million (including VAT).  

This follows the tender issued by Government Central Tender Board (CTB).

Six companies submitted their offers, ranging from VT46 million to VT85 million and the CTB awarded the tender to the highest one – Thai Viet Hardware.  A close source from Vanuatu Agricultural Supplies (VAS) told Daily Post VAS offered VT75 million. He said they have good quality tractors from Japan, spare parts and a 12-month warranty.

The source added with the difference of VT10 million, the government could have had purchased one additional tractor. VAS is a company which has been operating for a long time in Vanuatu, supplying quality agricultural tools to the farmers throughout the country.

The Daily Post contacted the Management of Thai Viet who was unable to comment, however, the CTB explained there were certain factors that were met by Thai Viet which resulted in their successful application.  

According to the CTB, the main factor which contributed was the delivery deadline as the government needed the tractors by September (last month) in order to meet the different trade and agricultural activities in September and October. Thai Viet Hardware was the only company which met the delivery deadline.

The CTB mentioned another factor which contributed is the tractors supplied can operate in the rain, with all accessories. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) said the tractors will help provinces improve production of fruits, vegetables, replanting of coconut trees and cattle pasture.

The Government is distributing them to the provinces under the Mechanization component of the EDF11’s Vanuatu Value Chain (VaVaC) program. They will be managed and supervised by the provincial agriculture field assistants.

The DARD confirmed the six tractors were acquired after the VT85 million tender won by Thai Viet Hardware. The tractors are air conditioned and fully equipped with a slasher, disc plough, one ripper, one rotovator and one complimentary angled-edge-slasher. The VT85 million also covers the shipment to each province.